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NOE (Neway Oil Equipment) is part of the Neway Group and was established in the year 2007 to cater to the upstream drilling and exploration market, manufacture and deliver highly reliable high pressure valves, wellhead equipment, Christmas trees, manifolds and other upstream petroleum equipments according to API 6A & 16C, for the most demanding oilfiled applications. Currently NOE has developed full range of API 6A & 16C products along with carrying certifications pertaining to ISO 9001, ISO 14000, OHSAS18001, API17D and TS 2710N10-2013, CE-PED qualification. NOE Focus and R&D with field services and end user clients have helped them continuously improve and hold PR2 certification issued by CA 's like DNV, ABS & Lloyds. 

NOE has developed and implemented a group management system based multi-plant manufacturing. Valves, wellhead equipment, Christmas tress, manifolds and other upstream petroleum equipment are manufactured mainly in NOE specialized production facility in China with assembly plant in Mexico. NOE engineering department and manufacturing facilities are linked via intranet allowing remote control of the computerized machining centers and integrating their warehouse bar coding program. Their own foundries can meet our casting production requirement and their own forging facility is coming on board soon.

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