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Valve Inventory Solution
Alliance Industry Limited is committed to exceeding customer requirements by understanding all customers, industry specification and supply resources, and consistently delivering conforming products and services to all our customers at a reasonable price.

In order to meet the customer's requirements of repair & replacement & assembly, Alliance Industry Limited established its own factory. A fully equipped repair center and stock center are located there. Nearly one-third of the total area is the maintenance inspection center. It includes independent execution areas such as the receiving area, repair area, cleaning area, and test area, which can meet the maintenance and replacement needs of most customers.

German ARI valves are the main imported brands. Products in stock are usually CONA S/SC floating ball steam trap, CONA B bimetallic steam trap, STEVI 440 control valve, PREDU 701 pressure reducing Valve, SAFE 902 safety valve, FABA 046 globe valve , etc.

In addition to the original imported brands, the Changzhou factory is also equipped with a certain domestic valve inventory according to the specific needs of customers, such as super duplex steel valves, hastelloy valves, nickel aluminum bronze valves, titanium alloy valves and so on. High-quality materials and mature technology make the market prospects of alloy valves great.