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Air Separation


Air separation is used in a wide variety of industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Paper, Metallurgy and others. Air separation plants are used to separate atmospheric gasses into its various primary components like oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other inert gases.

The main products from Air Separation Units (ASU’s)are oxygen and nitrogen. Oxygen & cryogenic valves are widely used in the air separation industry and Alliance can provide complete valve solutions for this critical service.

Since many inflammable materials in the atmosphere can easily cause oxygen fires, oxygen valves are one of the most critical products used in the air separation industry. Components include valves assembled in oxygen pipelines shall avoid any flammable contamination. Alliance oxygen service valves follow IGC 13/12, ASTM G63, G93 as well as other industry and/or customer specifications on material selection, design, manufacturing and cleanliness inspections. 

Alliance is prepared to provide other value-added services to our customers such as valve design review, personnel training, turn-around assistance, etc.

Main Projects:

● Shell HMU & CO2 Project _ Philippines

● Merlion Gox Project _ Singapore