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Loading/Off-loading & Storage


Loading/off-loading systems and relevant storage are essential parts of crude oil & refined hydrocarbon liquids, chemicals, bio fuels etc.

Sea transportation, that includes LNG routes, connects O & G producers to end-users.

Most industrial activities linked to liquid/solid bulk materials are located on coastal or riverside areas to provide an efficient means of transportation, and a larger amount of water for process and cooling purposes.

Alliance provides specific valve solutions for all the above-mentioned installations, including shallow water subsea valves that are used with single buoy mooring systems that permit a quick and safe loading & off-loading without ingress of large ships inside harbours. Underground gas storage (natural or artificial) is also covered from our production.

Main Projects:

● EPCC of Pengerang Deepwater Terminal 2 Project _ Malaysia

● Sinopec Wen 23, Wen 96 Project _ China