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Main Projects:
  • Petrobras FPSO 9-Carioca Project: API6A Ball + Check Valves
  • Petrobras FPSO MV 22 Project: Ball + Gate + Globe + Check Valves
  • Petrobras FPSO Tullow Ten Project: Ball + Gate + Check Valves
  • Petrobras MV27 FPSO Project: Ball + Gate + Check + Safety Valves
  • Petrobras FPSO P66 TUTI Project: Ball + Gate + Globe + Control + DBB Valves
  • EN Quest KRAKEN FPSO Project: Ball + Gate + Globe + Check Valves
  • Petrobras MV29 FPSO Project: Ball + Gate + Globe + DBB Valves
  • ETROBRAS NETHERLANDS B.V. P75 FPSO Project: Ball + Gate + Globe + Check Valves
  • ETROBRAS NETHERLANDS B.V. P77 FPSO Project: Super Duplex Control Valves + Air Pressure Safety Valves
  • Petrobras P66-703P Project: DBB + Ball + Gate + Check Valves +API6A  Flange
  • MODEC MV30 Project: Butterfly Valves

Oil & Gas

Main Projects:
Petronas BARONIA Project: Ball + Gate + Check Valves (Shell TAT Requires)
ONGC DAMAN Project: Ball + Gate + Globe + Check Valves
Sonatrach First Calgary CAFC Project: Ball + Gate + Globe + Check Valves
- Pertamina Blue Sky Project: Ball + Gate + Check Valves
Darat Gas Project: General Valves + API 6A Valves + TAT Valves (Shell TAT Requires)
- Aibel Methanol Injection Skid Project: High Pressure Norsok Valves (Norsok Standard)
- ExxonMobil SAR2 Project: Ball + GGC Valves
- Conoco Phillps Finlaggan II Project: Ball Valves
- Qutar Petroleum Bul Hanine McDermott Qatargas Project: Ball Valves +Gate Valves
- Russia Lukoil CB&I Lukoil Project: Gate + Check Valves


Main Projects:
KNPC AL-Zour LNG Project: TAT Valves (Shell TAT Requires)
- BP Tannguh LNG Project: Ball + Gate Valves ( Hastelloy C276 material)
- Shell Penguin CIP Project: Manual Valves
Shell Penguin MIP Project: Manual + API6A Valves (10000PSI, with Interlock)


Main Projects:
Petrobras N643DF/N645DF Drilling Ship Project: Ball + Gate + Butterfly Valves (Norsok Standard)
- MASERK SSV 450&451 Project: Safety Valves + Control Valves + Pressure Reducing Valves
- 18000M3 TRAILING SUCTION HOPPER DREDGER Project: Safety Valves + Pressure Reducing Valves
- MODEC MV30 M008 Project: Safety Valves
- Petronas Bokor EOR Phase 3 CPP Project: Ball + Gate + Globe Valves (Titanium Valves)
- SBM OFFSHORE Project: Special Alloy Valves (Shell TAT)